Best Medicare Supplement Plans in Maryland

Medicare Supplement plans in Maryland, also called Medigap, help pay for deductibles and coinsurance that Original Medicare doesn't cover.

  • In Maryland, Medicare Supplement Plan G offers the best value for 2022.
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High Deductible Plan G and Plan N are the second most popular after Plan G.

Medicare Supplement Plan G: Best Comprehensive Coverage

The eligibility cutoff date of January 1, 2020, does not apply to Medicare Plan G, making this Medigap plan accessible to newly eligible beneficiaries. In addition, the monthly premium is less than Plan F, so even if you are eligible for Plan F, you may be drawn to Plan G for the cost savings. The only benefit you will give up is the Part B deductible, which is $226 in 2023. The Medicare Part A deductible is covered 100%.

Medicare Supplement Plan N: Best Value

Medicare Plan N offers good Medicare coverage for a modest price. It is the same Medicare coverage as Plan G except for Part B excess charges and copayments.

Your responsibility for copayments:

  • Up to $20 for an office visit
  • Up to $50 for an emergency room visit if the visit does not lead to inpatient admission

High Deductible Plan G: Best for Lowest Rates

This is the same Medigap insurance as regular Plan G, but you must meet the annual deductible before the plan pays benefits.

In 2022, the deductible is $2,490. The monthly premium is lower than High Deductible Plan F.

Medicare Supplement Plan F: Best for Full Coverage

Medicare beneficiaries with an eligibility effective date earlier than January 1, 2020, and not yet enrolled can sign up for Medicare Plan F.

Plan F covers:

  • Medicare Part A coinsurance and hospital medical expenses (up to 365 days after Medicare benefits are exhausted)
  • Part A deductible
  • Part A copayment or coinsurance for hospice
  • Medicare Part B copayment or coinsurance
  • Medicare Part B deductible
  • The first three pints of blood purchased for you
  • Coinsurance for skilled nursing care
  • Part B excess charges billed by your doctor or facility
  • Foreign travel emergency (plan limits apply)

Top Medicare Supplement Insurance companies in Maryland

The following health insurance companies earned four-star ratings from Consumer Affairs:

Medicare Supplement Insurance prices in Maryland

To help you compare rates, shown below is a snapshot of rates for Medigap plans in Maryland. This data exemplifies a 65-year-old woman.

65-Year Old Female Non-tobacco

Plan F $145.03 - $406.88

Plan G $123.30 - $316.46

Plan N $94.80 - $281.68

When can I apply for a Medicare Supplement plan?

Medical underwriting

Medical underwriting is standard for private health insurance companies receiving an insurance application. In this process, private insurance companies use an applicant's health condition and medical history to decide on offering a policy. Whether to approve or decline, approve with exclusions or approve at a specific rate.

When you apply for a Medigap policy in Maryland during the Medigap Open Enrollment Period, medical underwriting cannot be used to determine policy approval, limitations, or pricing.

Medigap Open Enrollment Period

Open enrollment periods for Medicare Advantage and Medicare prescription drug plans do not apply to Medigap policies. The time designated for enrollment in Medigap insurance is called the Medigap Open Enrollment Period.

The Medigap Open Enrollment Period in Maryland starts on the first of the month you turn 65 or older. You have six months to participate in this enrollment period. If you apply after this window closes, your application can be declined. You may have to pay a higher premium to buy it if it is approved. An exception is made for people with guaranteed issue rights.

Guaranteed Issue Rights

These rights require a Medicare insurance company to:

  • Offer at least one Medicare Supplement insurance plan
  • Include coverage for pre-existing conditions
  • Refrain from billing you a higher premium because of your past or current health condition

Examples of scenarios where guaranteed issue rights may apply:

  • You are employed or retired, and your group health plan is ending.
  • You had joined Medicare Advantage, and that plan is leaving your area.
  • You are losing Medicare Advantage because you relocated to a place not serviced by your plan.
  • You are under 65 and have a disability or end-stage renal disease – this is specific to Maryland and does not apply to all states.

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