Best Medicare Supplement Plans in Florida

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Matt Kiggins

There are 10 Medigap plans available to choose from. A Medicare Supplement plan in Florida can help you cover the out-of-pocket expenses left after Original Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B pay their portion. These out-of-pocket expenses include coinsurance, copayments, and deductibles. Plans can differ depending on where you live.

Editor's Pick:

Of the 10 plans offered in 2023, we found Mutual of Omaha offers the best Medicare Supplement Plan G rates, coming in at $169.00 per month for a 65 year-old female.

We also found Aetna offers the best Medicare Supplement Plan N rates at $123.00 per month; for those that want the best monthly value without compromising coverage.

And for those wanting the lowest possible monthly premium, High Deductible Plan G came in at a low rate of $64.47 with Mutual of Omaha.

Here is a brief overview of what each plan covers:

Best Plan G:

Aetna Medicare Supplement Plan G

  • Aetna Medicare Plan G offers unprecedented coverage and numerous advantages, making it the perfect choice for those seeking total protection.

Aetna Medicare Plan G offers a multitude of advantages to help you make the most out of your plan:

  • Coverage for Part B excess fees, the Medicare Part A deductible and all coinsurance costs associated with Part B.
  • No required referrals.
  • Access to any medical provider who accepts Original Medicare.

Monthly Plan Cost: $169.65

*Quotes for a 65 year old non smoking female, zip code 32082

Best Plan N:

Aetna Medicare Supplement Plan N

  • Aetna Medicare Plan N delivers lower premiums than Plans F and G, making it more affordable for those seeking coverage.

Plan N offers a wide array of advantages, such as:

  • Skilled nursing facilities
  • $0 Part A deductible
  • Foreign travel emergency healthcare
  • Maximum $20 copay for office visits
  • Maximum $50 copay for an ER visit (waived if admitted)

Out Of Pocket Expenses:

  • Must pay Part B deductible
  • Must pay Part B excess charges
  • Must pay copays for office visits and ER visits

Monthly Plan Cost: $123.62

*Quotes for a 65 year old non smoking female, zip code 32082

Best High Deductible Plan G:

Mutual Of Omaha High Deductible Plan G

  • With a Mutual Of Omaha High-Deductible Plan G, you are responsible for paying an upfront deductible of $2,700 before your coverage begins; however the remaining features and benefits remain intact just like traditional Plan G.
  • This option is a much more cost-effective alternative to traditional Medicare Supplement Plan G.

Monthly Plan Cost: $64.47

*Quotes for a 65 year old non smoking female, zip code 32082

Best Full Coverage

Aetna Medicare Supplement Plan F

  • To ensure the most comprehensive coverage, Medicare Plan F is your optimal choice. It covers not only Part A and Part B deductibles but also all coinsurances.
  • To be eligible for the benefits of this program, it is essential that you have enrolled in Original Medicare before January 1st 2020.

Medicare Supplement Plan F used to be the number one plan for many years, but that changed in 2020. MACRA stands for the Medicare Access and CHIP Re-authorization Act of 2015. This law prevents newly eligible individuals from having their Medicare Supplement plans cover the cost of the Medicare Part B deductible, starting January 1, 2020. If you want to enroll in Plan F today, your Medicare Part B start date must be before Jan. 1st, 2020.  

Monthly Plan Cost: $189.92

*Quotes for a 65 year old non smoking female, zip code 32082

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How Much Does a Medigap Plan Cost in Florida?

The best price for Medicare Supplement Plan G in Florida is $169.65 per month with Mutual Of Omaha.

Your age and plan choice will have the most significant impact on your premium.

Here you can see how the prices compare for several different plans:

Medigap Plan

Plan F

Plan G

Plan N

High Deductible G

Plan A

Plan K

Monthly Cost







Plan Popularity in Florida







Quotes are for sample purposes only. Prices are the average monthly rate in Florida for a 65-year-old female nonsmoker. Part B start date and or medical underwriting may affect your rate.

Top Medicare Supplement Insurance Companies in Florida

There are over 10 Medicare Supplement insurance companies in Florida:

When Can I Enroll in A Medigap Plan in Florida?

The Medigap Open Enrollment Period is a six-month window starting with the first day of the month you turn 65 or older. However, it would help if you first enrolled in Medicare Part B.

In Florida, state law requires private health insurance companies to sell Medigap policies to beneficiaries under 65 who have a disability or end-stage renal disease (ESRD).

During the Medigap Open Enrollment Period, a Medicare insurance company must:

  • Sell you a Medigap plan in Florida for a rate unrelated to your health conditions
  • Waive the waiting period for pre-existing conditions

Although you can apply outside the Medigap Open Enrollment Period, you will be subject to medical underwriting requirements. The exception is if you have guaranteed issue rights.

Scenarios for guaranteed issue rights include:

  • You are losing a Medicare Advantage plan because it ceased coverage in your area, or you will no longer participate with Medicare.
  • You moved out of the area that your plan services.
  • Your coverage under a group health plan is ending – this may include employee, retiree, or COBRA coverage.
  • You are within the time allowed to switch back to Medigap after enrollment in Medicare Advantage or Program of All-inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE)
  • You lost a Medigap policy through no fault of your own.

Extra Help for Low Income

Medicare beneficiaries often qualify for extra help with prescription drug coverage. The Social Security Administration can provide eligibility requirements and the information you need to apply. In addition, Florida has many Social Security locations throughout the state. Therefore, it’s best to look into the help available before your Open Enrollment period to take advantage of all available options.


Matt Kiggins
Matt Kiggins
Senior Editor

For over 15 years, Matt Kiggins has been the senior editor at Senior Life Insurance Plans, giving detailed advice on Medicare, life insurance, and dental coverage to thousands of clients in more than forty states. His demonstrated expertise in assisting people with their health plan selection is remarkable — it’s evident that he stands out among competitors as the go-to source for knowledge and support.

Florida State Links

Following are several links that will help you when it comes to the Medicare Supplement plans and your coverage through the U.S. government federal Medicare program in general:

Florida Medicare enrollment:

  • Roughly 787,681 residents had insurance coverage through a Medicare plan in Florida.
  • 70% of Medicare Supplement plans have coverage through their employer or a private insurance carrier.
  • 40% (more than 1.56 million) of Florida’s Medicare population has Medicare Advantage rather than Original Medicare.
  • Plan F is the most popular among Medigap plans. Plan N ranks second, and Plan G ranks third.
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