Medicare Advantage Plans in Delaware

Buying a Medicare Advantage plan in Delaware is a popular choice for Medicare beneficiaries interested in having all parts of Medicare under one health insurance policy. Medicare Advantage (MA) plans, also known as Medicare Part C, include Medicare Part A and Part B.

A Medicare Advantage plan in Delaware can encompass Part D too. These are known as Medicare Advantage Prescription Drug (MAPD) plans.

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Features of MA plans:

  • Available through a Medicare-approved private insurance company
  • Benefits linked to use of plan’s network healthcare providers
  • Extra benefits often extended to vision, dental, hearing and wellness programs

When you join a Delaware Medicare Advantage plan, you are not giving up your Original Medicare coverage, but most of the Part A and Part B benefits you receive will come through your MA plan. The MA plan serves as administrator, claims processor and customer service contact.

Top-rated Medicare Advantage Providers in Delaware

  • Humana: Humana has earned about eight percent of the market share. Humana’s Gold Plus HMO has good quality ratings in some Delaware counties.
  • Cigna: Delaware residents tend to favor Cigna, as it has almost 40 percent of the market in this state.
  • Aetna: Aetna has also attracted about 40 percent of Medicare Advantage plan members. They have offered both PPO and HMO Medicare Part C plans with good star ratings.

Popular Medicare Advantage Plan Types in Delaware

Best for network flexibility: Medicare Advantage PPO

Preferred Provider Organization (PPO):

  • Go to any doctors or facilities accepting Medicare, though benefits are typically higher when using out of network providers
  • Usually includes Medicare Part D
  • Choosing a primary care physician not required
  • Referrals to see specialists not required
  • Zero-premium for some PPO plans, but others can cost up to $100 monthly

Best for reducing out-of-pocket costs: Medicare Advantage HMO Plan

Health Maintenance Organization (HMO):

  • Generally, must use network providers except in emergencies or dialysis outside service area
  • Usually incorporates prescription drug plans
  • Must select primary care physician in most cases
  • Referrals required for most specialist services
  • Zero-premium not uncommon for HMO plans

Best for limited income or certain health care needs: Medicare Advantage D-SNP

Dual-Eligible Special Needs Plan (D-SNP):

  • Synchronized Medicare and Medicaid benefits to lower costs for dually eligible beneficiaries
  • Customized plan based on specific health conditions
  • Benefits, provider pool and formularies tailored to groups served by Special Needs Plan (SNP)

Delaware Enrollment Facts

1. Number of enrollees in Medicare Advantage in Delaware: 26,644

2. Number of enrollees by type of Medicare Advantage plan:

  • Local HMO: 11,952
  • Local PPO: 12,692
  • Regional PPO: 0

3. Number of enrollees in Medicare Advantage nationwide: 19,838,319

4. Percentage of enrollees in Medicare Advantage nationwide: 42%

How much does Medicare Advantage in Delaware cost?

In most states, you can find a zero-premium HMO. PPOs may also be available for $0 premium, but a trend is emerging that indicates more PPOs are charging premiums.

Premiums and availability vary from one county to another.

The average 2021 monthly premium for a Delaware Medicare Advantage plan with prescription drug coverage is $22.80.

This is in addition to the Part B premium you pay to Medicare.

PPO Plan $0.00 to $22.80

HMO Plan $0.00

When can I enroll in a Medicare Advantage plan?

Initial Enrollment Period

  • First sign-up period for Original Medicare
  • Begins three months preceding the month of your 65th birthday
  • Ends three months after the month of your 65th birthday

Open Enrollment Period – aka Annual Election Period

  • Can join, change or end your MA plan
  • October 15 through December 7
  • Effective coverage date: January 1

Medicare Advantage Open Enrollment Period

  • Exclusive for existing MA plan members
  • January 1 through March 31
  • Can switch to another MA plan
  • If dropping an MAPD plan, can revert to Original Medicare and sign up for a Medicare drug plan

Special Enrollment Periods – Special Circumstances

  • Applies to certain situations, such as relocation or termination of other insurance plans
  • Timing depends on special circumstance

5-star Special Enrollment Period

  • Tied to star ratings awarded by Medicare for MA and Medicare prescription drug plans
  • Can switch to a 5-star plan from a lower-rated plan
  • December 8 through November 30

Special Enrollment Periods if you get “Extra Help”

  • Accessible to people in the Medicaid or Extra Help program
  • One change allowed during January through March, April through June, and July through September, effective first day of following month
  • Medicare coverage changes also allowed during open enrollment period (October 15 through December 7)

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