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In the past, Cigna has not been one of the country's largest providers of Medicare Advantage plans. According to Kaiser, the company’s Medicare Part C offering has only attracted about two percent of enrollment. Historically, companies like Aetna, UnitedHealth, and Humana have always been much more prominent players in this market. However, there should be more choices for Cigna Medicare Advantage plans. Because of this, potential Medicare Advantage enrollees like you may want to look into options for Cigna and subsidiaries of Cigna in the coming months.

If you intend to compare Cigna Medicare Advantage plans, we can help. You can use the quote form on this page to quickly list the top providers in your area. In addition to helping you find preferred provider organization (PPO plans), health maintenance organization (HMO plans), or special needs plans (SNPs), we can also help you look for a Cigna Medicare Supplement (such as Medicare Supplement Plan G), depending on your needs.

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Updates for Cigna Medicare Advantage Plans

There’s no hiding the fact that the company has faced some struggles over the years. Modern Healthcare reported the most significant news about this insurance company. That is, the government has recently lifted sanctions on enrolling new members in the future. Also, government audits revealed that only 20 percent of their Medicare Part C plan members enjoyed Medicare quality ratings of at least four stars.

Cigna will be able to enroll new members in their Medicare Advantage plans. Naturally, the company took issue with Medicare’s star ratings, and a spokesman said their goal was to ensure that at least 60 percent of their members had access to a four-star option. There has also been some talk that they may join forces with Humana, which has about 17 percent of the Medicare Advantage plan market, but nothing has been announced.

Either way, this life insurance company and health insurance company anticipates a 10 to 15 percent average annual customer growth for its Medicare Advantage insurance plans. This is due to its expansion into different geographic markets and its expansion of health plans and products.

Overall, Cigna has been most known for offering HMO Medicare plans. These plans are typically more affordable but are more restrictive. So far, these plans have been offered in 260 counties in 16 states. Soon, as reported by Forbes and other major publications, Cigna will be offering HMO Medicare benefits in 37 additional counties. This increases its geographic span for this coverage by about 14 percent.

Now, Cigna is also making changes to appeal to those who want a little more freedom than an HMO offers. They will be offering new individual PPO plans for those who want to replace Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B. Right now, their plans include offering these new PPO plans across 43 different counties.

Of course, Cigna also offers prescription drug plan (PDP) options, Medicare Supplements, and even life insurance. Also, for those who are already covered by a Cigna Medicare Advantage plan or those who will be signing up for the first time, more supplemental benefits are expected to be offered. Medicare has made some major changes to its rules for 2020, and companies like Cigna will be able to provide more coverage for non-medical, at-home benefits in the near future.

Cigna Medicare Advantage Plans: Company Overview

You might be interested in learning that Cigna began operating under this name in the 1980s. However, the new company was formed by joining two insurance companies with well over a century of history. These two companies were Connecticut General and INA.

Besides Medicare insurance, this company is also very active in other kinds of health insurance, disability and accident insurance, and life insurance. Worldwide, the company employs over 40,000 people. Even though Cigna hasn’t been as active in the Medicare Advantage plan market as companies like Humana, and Blue Cross, it is still a huge insurer with the resources to support clients and grow in the market. For example, Cigna has an A rating for financials from A.M. Best and S&P.

Best Types of Cigna Medicare Advantage Plans

You may see that the company offers different plan types when comparing Medicare Advantage plans during Open Enrollment. In addition, they may not provide each kind of plan in each area. Most companies offer plans that are likely to be the most popular, which can vary by city and state.

In any case, these are the most popular kinds of Medicare Part C plans you may see:

Cigna-HealthSpring Medicare Advantage Preferred HMO

  • Nationwide, more Medicare Advantage plan members are enrolled in HMOs than any other type of plan. This isn’t true of every city or state. They usually do their best to keep costs down for their members and insurers. At the same time, they use networks with reasonably restrictive rules to help reduce expenses. For additional options, you can also consider:    

Cigna-HealthSpring Medicare Advantage PPO

  • If you count all kinds of health insurance in the US, PPOs attract the most people. They rank second in popularity of Medicare Advantage plans, but in some states, they are more popular. They also have local networks, but they have less restrictive rules. For example, you can still get your services covered outside your Medicare Part C plan’s network; however, it will cost you more.

 Cigna-HealthSpring Medicare Advantage Preferred PPO

  • Cigna Medicare Advantage regional PPO offers a more comprehensive network than a local one. Some of the biggest companies even open up their national networks, so they may be a good choice for people who don’t want to be limited by their local networks.

Typically, the less restrictive your Medicare Advantage plan is, the more expensive the rates will be. On the other hand, you will most likely have no monthly premiums for your Cigna Medicare Advantage plans if you choose an HMO. However, plenty of other factors also impact your rates, so you need to make a local comparison.

Are Cigna Medicare Advantage Plans the Best Solution?

Cigna has been and remains a reliable provider of Medigap plans as well. Unfortunately, you won’t find any of them with zero premiums, but there are affordable options. Also, many Cigna Medicare Advantage plans include a Medicare Part D plan for prescription drug coverage. However, you will usually have to join a stand-alone drug plan with a Supplement.

Here’s one factor to include in your comparison. You may find that the premiums for a national or regional PPO aren’t that different than those for a lower-tier Supplement. With both, you need to assume some cost-sharing, but they should protect you from significant expenses. You could also consider paying somewhat higher premiums for a more robust plan that will eliminate most deductibles, copayments, and coinsurance that you might have with Original Medicare Part A and B.

Since these plans don’t rely upon a provider network, you can use them anywhere in the US and sometimes, even for urgent medical services outside the country. There isn’t one right choice for all, so it’s good to have a basic understanding of each option before selecting. Also, if you’re a lower-income individual, consider looking into Medicaid, which might provide low-cost benefits that are more suitable for your budget.

Quickly Compare Cigna Medicare Advantage Plans

Even if you already have a Medicare Advantage plan for this year, you should still check for updates. Things like provider networks, quality ratings, and deductibles tend to change each year. For Medicare Part C plans, most beneficiaries can only choose new or replacement plans during Open Enrollment, so making an informed choice is essential.

You’re welcome to use our quote form to start your personalized quote. You can compare plans quickly and efficiently on your own, or you can call us directly using the number at the top of this page. Our agents can help you find the best Cigna Medicare Advantage plan and even help you enroll over the phone.

Please Note: We are not Cigna; this is a general outline of our opinion on their plans.

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